Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"I am not pregnant" says Vidya Balan finally breaking the silence

The whole of the b-town has been talking about only one thing from the past few days and that is Vidya Balan’s alleged pregnancy! And after a long time that the rumors have been afloat, she finally breaks the silence on it, and for those of you who were all excited to see Vidya Balan turn mommy, well, she’s not. All the loose clothes that she’s been wearing and her being less healthy might have triggered all those rumors but the fact that she is pregnant is only something we’ve imagined, it turns out.

“No, I am not pregnant and, it will take a while now. If I say something, you will tell me get ready and be alert etc. But now, there is no news like that coming up in the near future and I don’t think I want Siddharth (husband) to think like that as well” was what Vidya Balan said, making it clear that she’s not preggers and won’t be, anytime soon putting a rest to all the excitement.
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